Charcuterie for Everyone

The charcuterie trend is tasty, classy, and a chance to show your creativity. Charcuterie boards refer to charcuterie meats that are paired with cheeses, crackers, and breads on beautiful displays to be shared at parties and other events. A popular yet somewhat expensive choice depending on your pairings, charcuterie has established itself as the only way to enjoy meats and cheeses. 

However, there are new charcuterie boards that are using the term very loosely. 

We aren’t referring to boards that include olives or grapes. We mean charcuterie boards without an ounce of charcuterie to be seen. Here are a few of the unconventional charcuterie boards that have made their debut. 

Brunch Boards 

A popular twist is the brunch charcuterie board. Mini pancakes or waffles replace the thinly sliced meats of the traditional board with yogurt, fresh fruits, hardboiled eggs, and even sausage ordaining the remaining space. Whatever your favorite breakfast pairings are to assemble, you can now display them in mini portions to serve to friends as the fanciest brunch you’ve ever thrown. 

French Fry Boards 

It’s easy to add elegance to your plate of fries. Shoestring fries, crinkle fries, tater tots, waffle fries, curly fries, sweet potato fries… The list goes on and on. Pick some of your favorite potatoes to add to your board, separated by bowls of dipping sauces. Sprinkle herbs and cheese over the board for a finishing touch that will have friends’ mouths watering and their eyes tearing up. It’s beautiful.  

Fondue Boards 

Whether you fondue with cheese or chocolate, you can now make it a charcuterie board! Place bowls of fondue on your board and surround with your favorite foods to dip: cookies, fruit, bread, pretzel sticks, and more. Serve quickly or replace with a dip so everyone can enjoy a new way to fondue. 

Charcuterie is becoming more of a display style and less of a food pairing, though the classic boards remain a new appetizer staple. Whether you crave a classic charcuterie board of cheeses and meats or an unconventional take, let the creativity flow as you build the perfect board for you. There’s a charcuterie board for everyone. 

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