Chef John Folse, The Cajun Legend

As a Registered Dietitian for The Dairy Alliance, I have the opportunity to work closely with many fantastic chefs across the Southeast. There is, however, one that stands out as a legend: Chef John Folse. Chef Folse grew up in the swamps of Saint John Parish in Louisiana. He was one of eight children. Despite a challenging start growing up without his mother, Folse molded himself into an author, a cheesemaker, a restaurateur, a culinary teacher, a media personality, a mentor, a successful corporation operator, and a friend to producers and dairy farmers everywhere.  

For his many accomplishments, Chef Folse was recently honored with The Ella Brennan Lifetime Achievement Award in hospitality. I was lucky enough to attend the gala dinner and witness the triumphal march of New Orleans’ finest chefs as they honored one of their own.

Farmers and chefs are the leading influencers of local cuisine and Chef Folse is the cream on top for Cajun cooking. He sprinkles lagniappe (French for a little something extra) to everything he creates. From tiny desserts hidden in jeweled boxes to establishing a four-year culinary institute, Chef Folse wows the public.  

Southeast Dairy Association - Mac and Cheese Casserole Cups

I began working with Chef Folse when he launched his luscious, award-winning Triple Cream Brie Cheese. He is a true cheese lover and served as one of the National Dairy Council Ambassadors, as which he created several recipes including these mac and cheese cups for children.

Chef Folse believes every good recipe starts with quality ingredients. You may see his soups–made with real cream and butter–in your supermarket freezer section. It is hard to pick favorites, but try the corn and crab bisque or potato chowder.

Congratulations to Chef John Folse. I hope that he will continue to stir up delicious memories for his friends and fans for many more years.

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