Choose to End Hunger

girl drinking milk

Mississippi State (MSU) Bulldogs made history by winning the 2021 National Championship in the College World Series! For the first time, Mississippi could claim an SEC National Championship, and the entire state celebrated. The Magnolia State also boasts being the country’s top producer for farm-raised catfish, sweet potatoes, cotton, and pulpwood. It’s great to be number one at most things. But Mississippi is also number one at something heartbreaking: hunger.

It’s true. Mississippi has the worst hunger problem in America, with almost 1 in 5 Mississippians, over 500,000 people, that don’t get enough to eat. And while hunger is a problem across America, it is practically an epidemic in Mississippi. And the global pandemic with loss of jobs and unexpected healthcare costs only added strain to keep children and families fed. Families must make a hard choice between food and other crucial needs—like medicine, electricity, or childcare. Food shouldn’t be an impossible choice. That’s why Mississippi isn’t giving up.

Mississippi Food Network (MFN), the state’s only Feeding America Food Bank, works against complex geographical issues that challenge food distribution—working alongside more than 430 community partners on the frontlines of fighting hunger. Like all food banks, MFN relies on many volunteers, places, and systems to get food to hungry people around the state — including food pantries, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, churches, and other charities. But more help is needed.

September is Hunger Action Month—a time when the Feeding America network and the public come together to raise awareness and inspire action to help people facing the impossible choices of hunger. You can choose to donate. Did you know that milk is one of our food banks’ most requested, yet least available items? A gallon of milk is an easy, cost-effective way to provide families in need with 13 essential nutrients, including 8 grams of high-quality protein per serving. You can choose to advocate, volunteer, or raise awareness. You have a choice. Choose to end hunger.

Using print, TV, and the radio, Rebecca Turner translates the complex world of nutrition into understandable, and achievable concepts. Purchase her books Mind Over Fork and Enjoy Good Health on Amazon. Weekdays, she hosts Good Things with Rebecca Turner on SuperTalk Mississippi. Connect with her online at

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