Combine Ginger Snaps and Blueberries Now

buttermilk blueberry ice cream

July 1 is a unique day. Why? Today is National Ginger Snap Day, which occurs during both National Blueberry Month and National Ice Cream Month

These three things are, yes, all foods. They are sweet and good treats during the summer. But there is something else that makes July 1 the perfect time to eat a special treat. 

Still lost? Let’s go through it all.  

National Ice Cream Month

There are many blogs to be found about The Dairy Alliance’s love for National Ice Cream Month. It’s ice cream, the frozen treat that shouldn’t need an excuse to enjoy. That love is obvious. What about ginger snaps and blueberries? 

July is the perfect time to enjoy fresh blueberries, with blueberry season running through the summer. It’s a light snack or a fun addition to your breakfast. Blueberries pair perfectly with dairy, found in everything from berries and whipped cream to a blueberry and lemon cake. 

Lastly, ginger snaps are cookies made with brown sugar, molasses, and spices like cloves, ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Ginger is slightly peppery yet sweet already, so this combination of spices is a no-brainer. It brings ginger snaps’ distinct warm bite out. It is a popular flavor combination during the winter, but do not confine this treat to four months of the year. 

Some like ginger snap cookies to be soft, blurring the lines between ginger snaps and the gingerbread cookies. That said, ginger snaps are famously chewy, hard cookies. That is why they are called ginger snaps—the cookies give a clean snap when broken. 

When not part of a snack break, ginger snaps can be included in desserts for a surprise. This Blueberry Buttermilk Ice Cream is not only a flavorful way to cool down during the sweltering summer months, but it also includes crushed ginger snaps. 

There it is! That’s what makes today so exciting. 

We aren’t pretending that this combination is out there. Ginger will often be paired with sweet foods. Ginger and blueberries are a popular combination in drinks and desserts because blueberries also have a complex flavor, too. Where these little bites of fruit are sour and sweet, ginger is sweet and sharp. 

All these ingredients come together for a delicious bite. And while you can enjoy a scoop any day, how can you resist celebrating July 1 with such an amazing mix? 

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