Cost-Cutting Tricks for the Next Grocery Trip

Whether you are on your own for the first time or looking for cuts to the bills, the grocery store is always an expensive trip. 

What can you say? Food is delicious! It’s also necessary to live, yes, but mainly delicious. Spending extra is something you have to do to enjoy the meal, right? 

Not necessarily. Follow these tips to save a little money on your next trip to the grocery store. 

Southeast Dairy Association - Shopping Cart

Don’t shop on an empty stomach 

Normally, you can complete a grocery run in 15 minutes. Dinner is late, though, and as you enter the store, there is suddenly so much more! Who knew there were so many types of frozen burritos that you obviously must try this week? 

While there’s no shame in browsing, make sure to eat before heading to the store so the items you bring home 1) fit in the car and 2) are foods you will actually eat all the time, even when you aren’t hearing your growling stomach. 

Buy toppings 

There are plenty of food options in your kitchen, but they don’t always appeal to you. Buy toppings that can be added to multiple meals, like cheese, butter, or Greek yogurt. It’ll create a taste that you can’t resist. 

Buy in season produce 

Get in the habit of choosing produce that’s in season, allowing for a variety in meals while buying items in no short supply. Produce can be used as a main dish, a side, or a snack, so be sure to browse this section for options. Just make sure not to overload your cart. Only get what you can eat before your next grocery trip. Otherwise, your trash is about to get much fuller. 

Milk is essential 

Even if you don’t cook fully from scratch, milk and eggs are needed for many recipes. Milk is versatile—enjoy it on its own or add it to meals for a creamy consistency, all while enjoying the benefits of dairy. Eggs, too, can be eaten on their own, but they are often called for in recipes. Make sure to always have these staples on hand so if you are running low on food and not ready to make another grocery run, you’ll be able to cook whatever you still have in the kitchen. 

When you enjoy all the variety and flavors of food, food becomes a favorite hobby to invest in. Keep these tips in mind so trips to the grocery store continue to be a highlight of the week. Click here to read about cutting on food waste, another great way to reduce spending while enjoying tasty foods. 

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