Dairy Farmers and Animal Care

dairy farmers

This month, we are highlighting on our social channels some of our dairy farmers who know the importance of providing an environment that keeps their cows healthy, safe, and happy. Animal care is a farmer’s number one priority because happy and healthy cows produce more milk!

The Animal Care Dairy Farmers Give to Their Dairy Cattle

Darlin Dairy Farm – Lee County, Alabama

The Rankins family prioritizes cow comfort by letting cows and calves graze out in the pasture when they aren’t milking. Allowing cows to graze on pasture is beneficial for foot and leg health, and the cows enjoy it!   

“Our calves are our future, and we are trying to take good care of the land and cattle God made for us.” – Ethan Rankins  

UGA Dairy Farm – Athens, Georgia

At the UGA Dairy, cows hang out in the free stall barn most of the time when they aren’t milking. There are several fans throughout the entire barn to create cool air flow over the cows so they can escape the heat– especially during the hot summer months in Georgia! 

Traylor and Sons Dairy Farm – Delta, Alabama

At Traylor and Sons Dairy in Alabama, the Traylor family bottle-feeds calves to make sure they are getting the correct amount of nutrients so they grow into healthy cows. This helps them build a strong immune system and build muscle as they grow, as well as keeping them comfortable and happy while being around people. 

Johnson Dairy Farm – Statesville, North Carolina

Johnson Dairy works with their vet, Dr. Amanda Whitener, to perform monthly herd health checks, which include an ultrasound for pregnant cows. An ultrasound alerts the farmer to any possible complications, like twins, so they can give that cow extra attention throughout the pregnancy and at birth to ensure a healthy calf and mom.  

Triple H Dairy Farm – Center, Kentucky

Cow comfort is a top priority at Triple H Dairy. Cows spend around 14 hours a day resting to make high-quality milk. Chris Huffman uses waterbeds with sawdust to make a comfortable place for his cows to rest and stay clean and dry. In the summer they use fans to keep the cows cool and content.  

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