Dairy Your Way Through the Day

Southeast Dairy Association - Easy Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas with Yogurt Sauce

Dairy foods offer a unique nutrient package, providing the body with a protein punch and 8 essential vitamins and minerals! Whether the star of the show at your dinner time meal or as a mid-day “pick me up” snack, anytime is the right time for dairy!

When affordability meets nutrition

Starting at less than a dollar per serving, there is no better food than dairy to help increase your intake of nutrients essential for good health. Milk and dairy are the least expensive sources of calcium and vitamin D in the American diet.  

The nutritional benefits of dairy are further enhanced when paired with other foods like whole grains, fruits and vegetables. The tips and recipes below provide ideas on how to add dairy throughout your day!

Unbeatable Breakfast

  • Skip syrup and top whole-grain pancakes or waffles with Greek yogurt for an extra protein boost!
  • Add milk and berries to your breakfast granola for a complete meal! 
  • Too busy for breakfast? Try these make-ahead recipes–Cheese and Spinach Strata or Apple Pie Overnight Oats–that pair dairy with fruits or vegetables!

Main Meals

  • Let cheese be the star of your next meal! Cheese will be front and center when added on top of hearty soups, chili, or casseroles.
  • Yogurt for dinner? Add more protein to your plate by substituting plain yogurt for mayonnaise in sauces or dressings

Sensational Snacks

  • Excite your taste buds with a Greek Yogurt Dip Trio; serve with pita and fresh-cut cucumbers, carrots, and peppers!
  • Mix up your snack routine with this Grand Slam Snack Mix, featuring cheese cubes, dried fruit, and whole-grain cereal!

Dairy doesn’t need to be limited to just one meal, enjoy the great taste and nutrition of dairy all day long. Click here for more great recipes to dairy your way through the day.

Dr. Michelle Hesse has been a Registered Dietitian for nearly 9 years and has worked in both academic and non-profit settings with an emphasis on operationalizing nutrition solutions and make nutritious food more accessible to vulnerable populations including young families and food insecure Virginians.  Dr. Hesse is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Professions at James Madison University.  

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