Do You Know About Lactose-Free Chocolate Milk?

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Lactose-free chocolate milk can be a dream come true for lactose-intolerant people who do not like the flavor of plain milk. Admit it, chocolate milk isn’t only for kids. It’s a sweet treat that gives you the same benefits as drinking unflavored milk. You’d happily stock up and sip on it, even when kids weren’t begging for it.

Everyone enjoys a glass of cold chocolate milk. At The Dairy Alliance, we believe nothing should stop you from enjoying a glass of it, even a lactose sensitivity. 

Being Lactose Intolerant

Lactose intolerance is the inability to digest (or break down) the natural sugar lactose often found in dairy foods. This occurs in people who do not have enough of the enzyme lactase, which breaks down lactose. Symptoms of lactose sensitivity can begin any time after age 2, which is when the body begins producing less lactase. 

Thankfully, lactose sensitivity does not mean you have to go without dairy foods. 

And while you can enjoy low-lactose dairy foods like yogurts and hard cheeses, that can’t replace sipping on a glass of cold milk. 

Lactose-free milk is made in one of two ways. One way is, instead of removing the lactose, lactose-free milk is created by just adding lactase to the milk. This breaks down the lactose and makes milk safe to consume without fearing any of those symptoms of lactose intolerance. Another way is ultra-filtered milk; the lactose is separated and removed through ultra-filtration.

Benefits of Lactose-Free Chocolate Milk

Depending on how sensitive your lactose intolerance is, you may not be able to drink regular milk in moderation. Plus, what happens when the delicious choccy milk is calling your name? Chocolate milk is sometimes better tolerated than unflavored conventional milk for those with lactose sensitivity. Even better, lactose-free chocolate milk is one delicious option for flavored milk. 

Lactose-free milk still has the same benefits as regular milk, which means lactose-free chocolate milk will let you sip on as many glasses as you want without your lactose insensitivity ruining the good time. 

Did you know that chocolate milk is great for drinking post physical activity? Whether after running, hiking, biking, or weightlifting, drinking chocolate milk gives your body protein to help repair muscles. One 8-ounce serving of lactose-free chocolate milk has 8 grams of protein. It of course still has milk’s star ingredient, calcium, for strong bones.

Is your young child or teen lactose-intolerant? Studies have proven that when chocolate milk is an option, kids are more likely to drink milk and get the nutrients they need. Keeping lactose-free chocolate milk in the fridge allows your kid, with lactose sensitivity and who doesn’t like plain milk, a fun alternative.

Lactose-Free Chocolate Milk Recipes and Information

Do you want to get fancy? Use your lactose-free chocolate milk to make dairy-centric beverages, like an almond mocha ice coffee or a creamy mug of hot chocolate

Did you also know that almost all dairy products come in lactose-free versions and a variety of flavors? For more information on lactose intolerance ad lactose-free products and recipes, visit The Dairy Alliance blog and contact us online.

What’s stopping you from enjoying some chocolate milk? Hurry. Buy some now before all the delicious fun is gone.

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