Dairy Snacks: Yogurt Fun for Kids

Cool, creamy, and nutritious, yogurt is one of the best dairy snacks for kids, a fun and tasty way to nourish growing little bodies on a hot summer day. 

Nutritionally, yogurt is packed with essential nutrients like high-quality protein, calcium, vitamin B12, riboflavin, potassium, and zinc.  

When choosing a yogurt, look for “contains live and active cultures” on the product package, as these are beneficial bacteria that promote healthy digestion and metabolism, as well as healthy immune function. Compared to flavored yogurt, plain and light yogurts typically have less added sugars, while Greek yogurt contains almost double the protein and roughly half the carbohydrates. 

Once you’ve made your yogurt selection, it’s time to drink, dip and devour!

Southeast Dairy Association - tangy apple cooler
Southeast Dairy Association - strawberry frozen yogurt bars

Delicious Dairy Snacks: Yogurt Ideas for Kids

Drink it! Get creative and make smoothies by combining yogurt with frozen fruit, and some milk.  Or try something new like a Tangy Apple Cooler. This tangy, sweet, and refreshing drink contains Greek yogurt and apples, providing both protein and fiber.

Dip it! Use vanilla yogurt as a dip for fresh fruit or make fruit kabobs and paint them with yogurt using a cake decorating brush. Peanut Butter Whip with Apples requires only four ingredients (plain yogurt, peanut butter, honey, and apples) and is easy to scale up or down depending on how many snacks you need.

Devour it! Have yogurt for dessert. Check out these Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Bars, the perfect no-cook summer treat, filled with protein and ripe, sweet strawberries.

For more delicious ways to cool down with dairy this summer, check out The Dairy Alliance recipe page.

Pam Speich, RD is the Owner and Founder of Pam’s Nutrition Consulting, LLC. She uses her experience as a pediatric dietitian, grocery store nutritionist, food labeling specialist, and fitness dietitian to help clients achieve their wellness goals. Pam has experience in corporate wellness program development, public speaking, writing, and sales and marketing. She offers counseling sessions for a variety of needs including weight loss, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, food allergies and intolerances, hypothyroid disease, women’s health, and fitness nutrition. What Pam loves most about being a dietitian is the opportunity to witness lives improved through the power of food.

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