Earth Day Crafts for Your Little Dairy Farmer

little dairy farmer

Every year, people around the world celebrate Earth Day on April 22. Recognizing ways to care for the Earth through lifestyle changes, donations to environmental groups, and an overall day of appreciation for the land around us fill the day. Here are some fun activities to do around the house with your little dairy farmer.

Activites for Your Little Dairy Farmer

Let the kids in the family enjoy Earth Day in their own way. Providing easy, fun crafts for them, let the children in your life be farmers for the day. After all, farmers live every day acting as stewards of the land. This Earth Day, provide these fun crafts for your little farmer. 

Create a garden. We can all benefit from caring for a small garden. Even a garden that consists of a few pots of flowers on the porch or your favorite herbs on the windowsill acts as a lesson for how farmers grow our food.  

While watching your planted seeds come to fruition is a long project, there are many materials the family can prepare now. If you don’t have planters, empty bottles or tin cans can be used instead. Pull out the construction paper and paint so the garden can be as bright as possible. Once the seeds are picked out, help create labels with what the seeds will grow and how often the seeds need watering. 

And don’t forget to water your crops! Help your little one design their own watering can using an empty milk jug. This arts and crafts project lets your kids’ personality show. Once they are done, all you need to do is poke holes in the twist cap for the water. 

For a shorter yet rewarding project, pick through the kitchen to find fruits like apples that are getting close to their expiration. Either dice the fruit into small bites or dip it with peanut butter and seeds to create a temporary bird feeder. Once the simple feeder is tied to a low-hanging branch, the kids will eagerly watch for the local birds to appear in the backyard while learning how to reduce food waste. 

For more fun crafts, we have ideas for empty milk cartons perfect for little ones learning to recycle. 

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