Easy-to-Make Mardi Gras Recipes

Southeast Dairy Association - lactose free bourbon bread pudding

Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras, is not a challenge to beat your Thanksgiving feast. With plenty of flavorful foods inspired by the holiday, though, it will be your ongoing joke this February. To mark the celebration without feeling stuffed, pick from these milk recipes for an easy to make Mardi Gras menu. 

For a snack to serve to the whole family, combine Mardi Gras ingredient favorites like andouille sausages, Cajun seasoning and peppers with sour cream and your favorite cheese in a slow cooker for a cheesy jambalaya dip, perfect to serve with baked andouille sausage balls filled with cheese. 

Southeast Dairy Association - Gumbo Nachos

If looking for a full meal, celebrate Mardi Gras with a New Orleans creation: the muffuletta sandwich. This muffuletta sandwich piles on the meats and cheeses before being paired with an olive salad, a great combination to enjoy for lunch this Fat Tuesday. Another fun meal (or all-day snack) is this Skinny Louisiana Gumbo Nachos that brings Greek yogurt and sour cream to this milk recipe. This shrimp bread is another light-twist on a New Orleans classic that uses Greek yogurt and plenty of cheese.

For a twist on a classic king cake, make it a dairy-filled cheesecake with cream cheese, butter, milk or eggnog and even some whipped cream for topping your delicious dessert. If you are looking for a food with the fun king cake colors and flavors as something you can snack on, try a king cake cheeseball, which uses many of the same ingredients and can be eaten with graham crackers. 

If you already have your king cake covered and are looking for a quick dessert to wrap up your Fat Tuesday fun, try this easy bread pudding that uses French bread as a base filled with raisins, cinnamon and a thick glaze. 

For more Mardi Gras milk recipe inspiration, head over to our Pinterest page. Let the good times roll! 

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