Enjoy a Pie Day for Pi Day

Pi Day is celebrated every March 14 in honor of the first three digits of the never-ending number sequence. It’s a popular day across the country, and not just for mathematicians. Much like the popular Star Wars Day in May, Pi Day has gathered a following due to the unusual celebrations. So how do you celebrate a day like Pi Day? Eating pie. Whether you bake it, buy it, or enter a pie-eating contest to get it, pie is an essential part to Pi Day. Yes, some memorize as much of the Pi sequence as they can for the day, but you can’t miss out on this delicious tradition. With the three pies below, celebrate Pi Day the only way you can: eating desserts so you can discover their diameters and circumference. Isn’t that how your geometry teacher taught you to do it? 


Southeast Dairy Association - Strawberries and Cream Mini Jar Pies

Strawberries & Cream Mini Jar Pies 

If you want to celebrate but aren’t looking for a big dessert, these mini pies combine strawberries and chocolate with deliciously sweet cream cheese.  


Southeast Dairy Association - Coconut Cream Pie

Coconut Cream Pie 

A tasty custard topped with lots of homemade whipped cream and topped with coconut shavings, this decadent cream pie is the definition of Southern elegance. 


Southeast Dairy Association - carrot cake whoopie pies

Carrot Cake Whoopie Pies 

Dessert is great, but you’re someone that prefers meals that are enjoyed while out on your busy schedule. These handheld pies are perfect for those enjoying Pi Day while living life on the go. 


However you spend the day, these options will ensure you can enjoy your Pi with milk. Which pie will you enjoy?  

(Pro tip: Pi Day doesn’t have to be celebrated with a sweet treat. Those who consider pizza a pie are allowed to enjoy that cheesy treat on Pi Day, too. For pizza recipes to enjoy on Pi Day, go here.) 

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