Fall in Love with These 3 Dairy Recipes Perfect for Brownie Lovers

dairy recipes for brownie lovers

For brownie lovers, February is the opportunity to try every brownie imaginable. For those brownie lovers who are willing to put aside time to make the chocolate dessert, try these three brownie dairy recipes with a twist. 

Southeast Dairy Association - berry brownie trifle pudding

Chocolate lovers are happy to admit they are big fans of February. For the devotedly coupled and happily single alike, Valentine’s Day celebrations include sweet treats before February 15th marks down all the remaining candy on store shelves. It’s an opportunity to indulge after a month of healthy eating, if not outright forgoing those New Year resolutions. 

Brownie Dairy Recipes

Chocolate Brownie Lovers Ice Cream

This delicious Berry-Brownie Trifle combines vanilla pudding, brownies, and fresh berries for an instant hit with your family or dinner guests. Simply prepare each glass with layers of brownie pieces, pudding, and berries of your choosing. 

With a name like Chocolate Brownie Lovers Ice Cream, you know its taste must be absolute perfection. Velvety smooth chocolate, rich milk chocolate chips, and decadent brownie pieces combine to make this ice cream dream for any chocolate lover. Mixed with sweetened condensed milk, heavy whipping cream, and whole milk, a scoop of this ice cream is an indulgent treat to share for this month’s celebration of love. 

Southeast Dairy Association - Tiger Stripe Brownies

If brownie bites are not decadent enough, these Stripe Brownies add a milk glaze to your new favorite recipe for any get-together. The brownie recipe is easy to make, combining baking staples like cocoa powder, bittersweet chocolate, milk, butter, and plenty of sweet, sweet sugar. It will be hard to not finish off the batter before baking! Made with powdered sugar, whole milk, and optional food color, drizzle the easy-to-make milk glaze over the brownies for a pop of color and a bite of happiness. 

For more easy and delicious recipes, check out our dairy recipe page for more ideas. 

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