Fighting “Maskne” with Dairy

You’re trying your best not to complain, but we know what you’re thinking. Wearing a mask is beneficial for all, but it has some annoying side effects that you don’t want to voice. Primarily, “maskne,” or mask acne. 

Yes, it has its own name.  

After the humidity from this summer, you’re back to looking like a teenager, and not in the way you would hope for. Red bumps appear along your jawline and cheeks. While the aforementioned mask will hide this in public, it’s a development you want gone quickly. It’s not a critical issue, but it’s an annoyance you are not in the mood to allow to stick around. You’re grabbing topical creams and three-step skincare kits on trips to the store, looking for the fastest acne treatment available. 

To potentially speed up your results, turn to dairy as a complement to your purchases, and not just because a milkshake will improve your mood. Instead of believing the myths about dairy and acne, adding dairy to your new skincare routine can bring your normal skin back with items you already have in the refrigerator. 

Using real milk and yogurt, you can better prevent breakouts of acne and reduce the look of a current breakout for glowing, healthy-looking skin. How?  

Southeast Dairy Association - strawberry parfait

By using a facial mask! Apply Greek yogurt or a paste made from powdered milk and water onto acne-prone areas as a mask, letting it dry before rinsing off with warm water after 10-30 minutes. You can also use Greek yogurt as an exfoliant to help cleanse your skin in the mornings.  

By enjoying a morning yogurt! Yogurt can do a lot of good for your body, too. Eating it can spread the benefits of dairy to more than what your facial can (and, yes, your inflamed face will receive some attention). Enjoy it in a morning parfait or top off your lunchtime chicken wrap with a dollop of yogurt. You’ll feel good while leaving your teenage skin in the past. 

Maskne is a great reason to grab the dairy, so go ahead! We’ll be here with more dairy benefits when you get back from the kitchen. 

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