Flip for Pancakes

Pancakes are the breakfast food that immediately makes the day better. They’re fluffy and light, with customizable options for not just what goes on top, but what flavorful additions you sneak into the batter. With that easy addition of happiness, it’s a breakfast food that people will find an excuse to eat at any time of day.  

But for those searching for their go-to pancake recipe with so many options, that fully customized meal needs a nudge to guarantee the flavor and consistency brings a smile to every face at the table. Debating if you should use buttermilk for an already thick batter or if the batter is somehow too thick takes the joy out of that first bite of fluffy perfection. 

Here are some tasty dairy recipes that will have you flip for pancakes.  

For those who prefer the classics, a blueberry pancake base is a recipe you’ll have memorized in no time. It’s not too sweet and includes fruit, making your breakfast choices feel wiser. And with these two recipe options, you can find the right flavor for you! The Blueberry-Buckwheat Pancakes complements its blueberry star with vanilla and honey while the Blueberry-Speckled Pancakes introduces cornmeal and cinnamon to the mixture. Whichever you choose, be sure to save a few blueberries from your morning snacking to place on top of your delicious pancake stack, letting everyone in your family know that you are a refined pancake connoisseur. 

For an uncommon pancake flavor with ingredients you’ll want to bring into all your pancake recipes, choose these Pumpkin Pancakes that use yogurt, canned pumpkin, and pumpkin spice for a breakfast you’ll want to drizzle in maple syrup and whipped cream any time of day. The use of yogurt in these pancakes isn’t for novelty. Its use gives you moist pancakes every time along with hints of the tanginess of buttermilk that you love.  

When searching for a light but filling flapjack, Banana Pancakes are a good way to begin the day bright and rearing to go. A hint of nutmeg and vanilla bring out the fruitiness of your breakfast without overpowering your sleepy tastebuds. While this recipe includes ingredients for a topping, what doesn’t go with bananas? These pancakes are a great base to experiment with additional flavors, from tart blackberries to sweet honey and oranges. 

With a favorite pancake recipe, put more focus into the addition of a yogurt and strawberry topping or surprising the kids mid-bite with rainbow sprinkles. However you decide to complete your dish, you’ll be sure to flip for pancakes. 

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