For The Mint Chocolate Lovers

Are you craving mint chocolate this close to Chocolate Mint Day? 

You aren’t alone.  

Mint chocolate is made by adding mint flavors like peppermint, spearmint, or crème de menthe to your choice of chocolate. The combination of chocolate and mint is a bit controversial, as not everyone likes it. The rich sweetness of the chocolate with the fresh, cool bite of mint can be a startling combination to your tastebuds. But if you are someone who enjoys chocolate mint, you don’t only like it, you love it.  

Mint chocolate doesn’t only appear in Irish or Earth-themed meals. Mint chocolate is a popular dessert flavor, often found in ice cream, brownies, cookies, cakes, and candies. Of course, the Girl Scouts’ Thin Mint cookies, first sold in 1953, are some of the most sought out limited-time cookies. People won’t bat an eye if you reveal you stock up on the cookie to enjoy all year long. You may even experiment and discover how to integrate your favorite chocolate mint cookie into other desserts, which will make you an automatic invite to potlucks for weeks to come. Others will only eat mint chocolate chip ice cream, where the cool ice cream complements the mint. There are many year-round desserts that take full advantage of the popular flavor. 

Southeast Dairy Association - chocolate mint cheesecake

So proudly enjoy the unique flavor of mint chocolate today and every day. For the chocolate mint lovers looking for a new homemade favorite, try these cheesecake bites perfect for any time of year, from a springtime lunch in the sunroom to a cool evening around the dinner table. Combining the beloved mint chocolate with dairy goodness like cream cheese makes a delightful mouthful. 

As the desire for the fun combination grows, don’t forget to choose a dessert with dairy to make each bite even better.  

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