Fuel Your Muscles with Milk Nutrition

milk nutrition

Maintaining muscle mass is important not only for strength, but also for its connection to better overall physical and mental health. The loss of muscle over time, known as sarcopenia, begins around age forty, with a loss of 3-5% per decade. Being proactive can prevent significant loss that negatively impacts health and longevity, such as fueling with milk nutrition.

Stay Active

Cardio sustains a strong heart. Resistance training creates and maintains strong muscles. Weight training done with repetition or simple bodyweight movements is effective for maintaining muscle mass. It doesn’t take much, thirty minutes a few times a week.

Eat Protein (Part of Milk Nutrition)

Protein is essential for building and maintaining muscle. Healthy women can meet the recommended 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, by eating protein-rich food at each meal and snack. Adding more protein is as simple as drinking more milk. Milk offers 8 grams of high-quality protein per glass. A glass of milk contains all 9 esential amino acids, but nutrition from milk goes beyond the complete protein content. Enjoy a glass at meals or post-workout.

Overall diet

Protein isn’t the only important nutrient. MyPlate, based on the 2020 Dietary guidelines, demonstrates nutritious meals. Fill ½ your plate with fruits and vegetables, and the other half with whole grains and lean protein. And don’t forget the dairy! Whether a glass of milk or a yogurt or cheese, dairy foods make any meal more nutritious. Click here for more information on fueling your muscles with milk!

Rebecca Turner

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