Get Spooky with Chocolate Milk


Though most days are still hot and humid, there are brief moments of respite with crisp, cool winds. Fall is approaching, and the kids are ready to welcome it in their favorite way. It’s time for costumes and candy, family outings and jump scares, and anything else that signals preparations for Halloween. 

In between your plans, the fun doesn’t stop. All that’s on children’s minds is the upcoming night. The theme finds its way into every moment leading up to trick or treating. 

This Halloween, serve chocolate milk for a sweet but healthy treat. Chocolate milk and other flavored milk provides children the same thirteen essential nutrients (calcium, potassium, phosphorous, protein, vitamins A, D, and B12, riboflavin, niacin, iodine, potassium, selenium, and zinc) as unflavored milk and can help kids meet their calcium requirements without consuming significantly more added sugar compared to those who do not consume milk. No wonder it’s the official beverage of Halloween! 

Dress up your chocolate milk for scary dairy fun. Find Halloween-inspired glasses to serve cold chocolate milk. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a gothic goblet or a plastic cup with cobweb designs, the choice of drinkware will add an extra layer of fun to the holiday. Or decorate the glass at home! Wrap gauze around the glass for some mummy milk. Place multiple googly eyes on a glass for a delicious monster. Reach for the construction paper to make jack o lanterns, skulls, bat wings, or any other Halloween scarer that will make the kids shriek with joy. 

And don’t forget what you serve with it! There are plenty of fun Halloween foods here, everything from family meals to Halloween party snacks. However, give some love to milk’s favorite companions: cookies! Serving ghoulish bites or the traditional cookie, everyone will be happy to sip a glass of milk.  

As fall nears and Halloween fun begins, get spooky with chocolate milk for the entire family. 

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