Get to Know These Dairy Foods

We all have our favorite, go-to dairy foods. For me, I can’t imagine not having milk with my coffee in the morning. My daughters begin almost every day with yogurt for breakfast. And cheese is a key component in almost all our family meals. But there’s more to dairy than milk, yogurt, and the cheeses we’re already familiar with.   

The next time you’re in the dairy aisle, look for these lesser-known stars to add to your menu. 

Kefir. A fermented milk drink often described as drinkable yogurt, kefir is tart in flavor and full of probiotics that may help give immune systems a boost–something we could all use right now! Plus, the probiotics in kefir help improve its digestibility, making it a great option if you have lactose intolerance.    

Kefir is sold in a variety of flavors. Sip on it for an easy, grab-and-go breakfast or use it as a base for a smoothie. Kefir also makes a great addition to recipes like these Breakfast Power Muffins and Banana Bread Overnight Oats

Halloumi. Have you ever grilled cheese? Not the sandwich, but the cheese itself. You can do that with Halloumi! The semi-hard cheese has a high melting point, so it holds up well on the grill. It has a tangy, salty flavor and pairs well with watermelon or can be substituted for mozzarella in a Caprese salad. Once cooked, Halloumi becomes crispy on the outside, while remaining creamy on the inside and developing a savory flavor. It’s a great addition to a vegetarian meal, providing a great protein source that might otherwise be missing.    

Ghee. A type of clarified butter, Ghee is the liquid fat that is left once butter is heated at a low temperature and the water and milk solids are removed. Ghee is more stable than butter at high heat, so it’s perfect for frying or sautéing. While butter may be more suitable for baking because of its sweeter, creamier taste, ghee’s rich, nutty flavor is great for replacing cooking oils to add flavor to any recipe.

For more ways to incorporate delicious dairy foods into your meals, check out The Dairy Alliance recipes.

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