Gift Milk This Holiday Season

Are you someone who loves giving or receiving gifts more? For the former, you go a little overboard, planning out in advance what each loved one should receive. Meanwhile, the latter use their own preferences with knowledge of their friends to figure out the holiday shopping list. With these opinions on presents, you put thought into what you buy, but you still struggle to pick the ideal gift for everyone during the holidays. Some people are so niche or have interests outside of your interests that makes it difficult to find something that might be enjoyed. For those trickier names on your list, give the gift of milk this holiday season, and we don’t mean sticking a bow on a gallon of fresh milk. Here are some ideas that may be the perfect present for those final names on your list. 

Southeast Dairy Association - hot chocolate with moroccan spices

Whether for the gifting bakers or giving to those bakers who are still learning their way in the kitchen, try a recipe in a jar. An easy homemade gift, measure and add together the dry ingredients of your favorite sweet treat in a mason jar, sealing the lid with a cute scrap of cloth and using twine to attach the instructions and wet ingredient list. Recipes can be for sipping, like your world-renowned hot chocolate or peacemaking spiced tea. Or perhaps recipients will prefer a double chocolate cake or your holiday cookies that perfectly pair with a tall glass of milk.  

To the person who has everything, give a cheeseboard. Not only does everyone love cheese (no need to fact check, it’s a given), but giving a piece that is functional and decorative makes this a must-have. Find a cheeseboard or small serving platter and a set of cheese knives to give, making everyone believe you to be the epitome of class once it’s unwrapped. If you want to go all out, create a charcuterie board to begin the snacking. 

Versatile milk doesn’t only go in recipes. It can go into crafts, too! For the person who loves all-natural or unusual gifts, try your skill with making presents out of milk. Put together a spa gift with lotion and scrubs for your mother or a mix up a stain-removing oatmeal and milk paste for the nephew that always manages to have grease on his hands. This homemade idea is both thoughtful and helpful. 

For cow lovers, regardless of age or interests, turn to cow apparel. While this isn’t milk-based, it is milk-themed, fun and on-trend. Find spotted leggings for the lounger in your life who loves to scroll through animal videos. For those who are always out and about, a face mask with a cow, perhaps one wishing passerby a moo-velous day, is a great way to show off their love for all things dairy. Whatever you can think of, there’s a cow-themed option for the animal lovers in your life that’ll make them smile when they open the box. 

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