Give Good with Dairy

Throughout September, in recognition of Hunger Action Month, the Southeast Dairy Association has been helping fight hunger by providing milk to families who need it most through the Great American Milk Drive.

We started off the month at Kennesaw State University, where hundreds of students learned about the importance of milk in one’s diet, especially for the one in six Americans who regularly experience hunger. Students were surprised to find out that milk is one of the most requested foods in food banks, but it is rarely donated. In fact, food bank recipients receive on average one gallon of milk per year. For people to meet the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommendation of three servings of dairy each day, families should be receiving more than a gallon per week.

In Georgia, we continued to spread the word about the Great American Milk Drive at the Yellow Daisy Festival, where we raised hundreds of dollars to help provide milk to food banks across Georgia.

To close the month, we traveled to Raleigh, NC and joined Hunter Farms and PET to celebrate the beginning of the Carolina Hurricanes season by sharing news of the Great American Milk Drive with their fans.

Hunger is not a stranger to our community, but with the help of our dairy farmers and milk companies, we are making an impact and helping to deliver milk to families who need it most. You too can help by going online to donate at

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