Giving Thanks This 2020

Lots happened this year. For some, the events of 2020 were an inconvenience. For others, they were life-changing. In a year that brought about so much change so quickly, let’s welcome Thanksgiving by remembering the good that was seen and that we are thankful for every day.  

These are the things we’re thankful for this year. 

A digital connection. Because of the internet, staying home does not mean we were alone this year. Schools switched to online instruction, so while parents spent each day in online meetings, their children were together in a virtual classroom. Online access means entertainment and how-to instructional videos are a tap away, perfect for those new hobbies taken up this year. Most importantly, technology allowed us all to continue speaking online, as family members, friends and coworkers, making connections despite such a lonely word as “quarantine.” 

Dairy farmers’ dedication. The pandemic tried its best to touch every aspect of our lives, but dairy farmers refused to let it hurt Americans’ access to fresh milk. After the surprise increase in demand last spring, farmers stepped up to meet the shift. The supply chain remained strong, with milk being delivered to students learning at home, donated to drives and food banks for families struggling to obtain nutritious meals, and stocked across the country’s grocery stores. The comfort of dairy-filled foods is available to all. 

Tradition. With so much happening this year, from the tragedy to the strange, we’re thankful for family traditions that bring a sense of normalcy to our lives. Whether it’s making ice cream on hot summer days, sitting down for an evening meal together or creating a Thanksgiving meal with recipes passed down over generations, the ability to continue traditions with loved ones is special. 

We hope your Thanksgiving brings you happiness, because we’re thankful for each other, for connections, for you. 

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