Go Greek This Holiday Season

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The holidays are an exciting time of year full of family gatherings and delicious food. So delicious that we may find ourselves heading back to the kitchen, more than once, for extra helpings. After all, how many times a year do our favorite comfort foods end up on the menu all at once?! Unfortunately, we tend to feel less than satisfied by our indulgence once the festivities are over.

From desserts to casseroles to sauces, substituting Greek yogurt in recipes is a great way to lighten up and boost the nutrition of your family’s favorite dishes. The difference between traditional yogurt and Greek yogurt is straining, which removes extra liquid and results in a thicker yogurt that is still nutrient-rich but also higher in protein. When using Greek yogurt in place of higher-fat ingredients, you end up with a delicious dish that is not only lower in fat but also higher in protein and calcium.

Greek yogurt can replace part or all of many common higher-calorie ingredients like mayonnaise and oil. Find a substitution guide online to help you figure out how much Greek yogurt can be successfully incorporated in place of traditional ingredients. You can even substitute Greek yogurt for traditional yogurt if you are aiming to get more protein with each bite. For example, try using vanilla Greek yogurt in these Pumpkin Pancakes! Your family will love the pumpkin flavor during this holiday season, and you never know, these pancakes might make the list as a new family favorite.

For more Greek yogurt and other delicious dairy recipes to serve up this holiday season visit our recipe page.

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