Grand Slam Nutrition

Spring is finally here, bringing America’s favorite pastime to parks everywhere- baseball! Playing baseball takes teamwork, combining individual hits and defensive plays into a group victory. Fueling little leaguers requires a team approach, combining healthy food and fluid choices for that game-winning triple play.

As a sports dietitian, I know limited healthy concessions, hot weather, and middle-of-the-day doubleheaders can throw a curve ball into any nutrition plan.  For players, a pre-game high-fat lunch like hot dogs or cheese nachos is slow to digest, causing stomach cramps when mixed with heat and exercise. And quick energy from sugary snacks won’t last during a game-leaving their brain and muscles sliding into a double play.

Moms- here are my grand slam nutrition ideas to power your player’s swing and keep them running the bases:

  • Turkey, cheddar cheese whole wheat tortilla wrap, with grapes,
  • PBJ whole wheat bagel, with a banana
  • Lean beef, Swiss cheese on whole wheat, with orange slices.
  • Mozzarella cheese stick with snack-sized bag of sliced apples,
  • Squeezable low fat yogurt and grapes
  • Peanut butter and graham crackers
  • Triple play “trail mix”: salted nuts, pretzel sticks, and raisins.

And don’t forget the fluids! Keep water and low-fat chocolate milk boxes chilling in the cooler. Water is always the best choice.  After the game, grab low-fat chocolate milk to guarantee your muscles refuel and repair before the next time the umpire shouts, “Play ball!”

sudia- Tammy Beasley

Consultant, speaker, author, and registered dietitian Tammy Beasley has been a certified eating disorder specialist in nutrition (CEDRD) with the International Association of Eating Disorder Professional since 1993 and received her certification in sports dietetics (CSSD) in 2007. 

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