Sweet & Savory Must-Eats for St. Paddy’s Day

Many traditional Irish recipes are filled with potatoes, green vegetables, and potatoes. Oh, and don’t forget the potatoes, green vegetables, and potatoes. There’s certainly more to Irish food than that, but these ingredients are perfect to combine with dairy foods in March. Why? While many Americans celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with anything dyed green, turn to meals that already have the colors and foods you think of when you think of Ireland to keep the theme at the front of mind. It’s time for a sweet and savory St. Patrick’s Day. 

Below are St. Paddy’s Day dairy foods that should be must-eats this year. 

For a filling dinner, grab the dairy foods, potatoes and corned beef to create a cheesy corned beef hash, filled with butter, cheese and milk. If that’s not enough, add cooked cabbage and chopped green onions to your buttery mashed potatoes to make a delicious side of colcannon. 

If you are looking for a shareable menu or something on-the-go, go all out with cottage hand pies. The pies are comprised of ground beef, pie crust and all the veggies you can stuff inside. However, all types of dairy are also included. The pie crust is hand brushed with butter. The gravy can be swapped with a sauce made from milk or heavy cream—or stuff your favorite cheese inside instead. This dish is truly customizable—and if you aren’t a recipe-maker, there are plenty available for whatever you crave in your personal pie. 

Southeast Dairy Association - chocolate mint cheesecake

You had a traditional dinner, so for dessert, skip tradition! When not following tradition, St. Patrick’s Day is also filled with green everything and mint-flavored foods. Add a shamrock shape to your meals, like a shamrock green pancake or shamrock cookies to dunk into cold milk. Mix spinach leaves into your favorite smoothie, like this Green Machine Smoothie. Or for a sweeter treat, make these Chocolate Mint Cheesecake Bites.  

What must have dairy-filled foods will you include in your St. Paddy’s Day feast? 

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