Have You Tried Banana Milk Coffee?

If you’re looking for new milk recipes, the Banana Milk Coffee is one of the newest crazes taking over your Instagram feed. Coffee fans rejoice for this caffeine-filled drink! Despite what the name makes you think, this isn’t a banana milk in coffee latte recipe, though. Instead, it’s almost like a smoothie made with real dairy milk poured over your favorite coffee. 

The trend began at J+B Design & Cafe in Brooklyn, NY. Based out of a cafe on a mostly residential street, Tashiro decided back in 2015 to make a banana concoction to attract more people. J+B’s manager, Fumio Tashiro, decided to blend a banana with milk and simple syrup before pouring it over a New Orleans-style cold brew. The drink was slow to draw attention, but it has slowly built up a fan base as people discover its great taste, which can be described as tasting like a milkshake, only not as thick in texture. 

And it’s easy to make banana milk coffee. For those not looking to make a trip to New York, simply blend 1 banana, 1 cup of milk, and a small amount of simple syrup or honey until smooth. Pour the blended mixture over cold brew coffee. That’s all it takes to make this delicious pick-me-up! 

Southeast Dairy Association - Chocolate-Almond Coffee Cooler

The real fun comes in experimenting with this milk recipe. Swap out the banana for blueberries or add something sweet like strawberries. Thicken it with a dollop of peanut butter. Perhaps you want to add a dash of cinnamon or mix in vanilla. For those feeling adventurous, switch out the whole milk for chocolate milk. Banana milk coffee doesn’t have to end with those three ingredients. 

Have you tried banana milk coffee yet? 

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