Holiday Crafts

The arrival of winter weather combined with the cancelation of many activities this year may leave you with some stir-crazy kiddos. Instead of endless hours in front of the screen, make the most of your family time and get crafty. Try these ideas from got milk? using milk and recycled gallons or cartons to beat boredom and keep spirits bright this holiday season.

Make Your Own Ornaments

Cut pieces from a plastic milk gallon and let kids paint their own ornaments. Trace designs for younger kids to fill in and let older kids create their own. Glue a ribbon loop on the back and let kids hang their creations on the tree.

Milk can also be used to make ornaments. This milk it! experiment combines whole milk with vinegar to make plastic which you can mold into your own homemade ornaments.

Build a Gingerbread Village

Gingerbread houses are a classic holiday craft. Keep things simple this year and build these no-bake, Milk Carton Gingerbread Houses. They’re easy for kids of all ages to assemble. All you need is a pint-sized milk carton, icing, graham crackers and candy for decorating.  

Bring Frosty Indoors

No snow, no problem! Stay warm indoors and use an empty milk jug to build your own Frosty the Snow Gallon. Or make breakfast time more fun with a Milk Snowman. Top milk bottles with powdered sugar donut holes and let kids create their snowman’s face using icing, food coloring or sprinkles.

Seasonal Stained Glass

Add holiday décor to your windows and spread cheer in your neighborhood this season. Cut up pieces of a plastic milk jug and have your kids paint or color them with markers. Piece them together to create your own stained-glass window.

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