How Much Milk Does Santa Drink On Christmas Eve?

Christmas is laughing around the Christmas tree and playing with the gifts that magically appeared in the night.

And if anyone can deliver toys all over the world in one night, it’s jolly old St. Nick! The great hero of Christmas for the kids is Santa Claus, the man with the bag, but traveling all the way from the North Pole to every home in the world, surely Santa is exhausted. So, how is Santa able to travel throughout all Christmas Eve night delivering presents (without the help of UPS or Fed-Ex)? With his favorite beverage to pair with cookies, milk! Let’s look at the stats.

There are approximately 300 million kids or 86 million homes that celebrate Christmas. With 1 glass of milk left out for Santa in each home, Santa drinks around 86 million glasses or 688 million ounces of milk (that’s enough to fill 8 Olympic-sized swimming pools!). Even for Santa, that is a lot of milk. To mix it up, you can leave out different flavors of milk for Santa to try on his way to the next house!

Of course, Santa loves to chase his cookies with a glass of milk because it’s tasty, but it also him helps endure the long road ahead of him. Milk provides 13 essential nutrients that give Santa the ability to lead his reindeer to all the kiddos around the world expecting to see their favorite toy on Christmas morning. Nutrients found in real milk keep Santa’s bones strong so he can carry his bag full of toys down the chimney and withstand the speed of his sleigh. To make sure Santa can make it through the night, don’t forget to leave a big glass of milk with Santa’s cookies this year. (And even a carrot for the reindeer, too!)

Check out this short video of the calculations of how much milk Santa drinks on Christmas Eve night!

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