How to Avoid a Candy Horror Story This Halloween

Halloween is full of terrors. The scariest part of the night: when the leftover candy calls to you. It might not be a ghost spooking you or a killer watching outside your window, but it’s way scarier to you. You could always buy less candy for the stray groups of children going door-to-door, but you might run out halfway through the night. Which is scarier, sugar or angry children knocking down your door? You have no issues with ghosts and strange men with knives, but sugared-up kids? No way. Instead, you need self-control. You just have to fight the temptation of the overflowing candy bowl. No problem. 

Ok, it might be a slight problem. You thought it was a brilliant plan to make goodie bags to leave out, but now you mentally argue that you need to keep them inside to better supervise kids and, of course, you should just make sure the candy is still there…

Don’t be easy prey to your sugar-filled desires. Rather, have a Halloween night any adult can admit is awesome. Here are 3 ways to avoid a candy horror story this Halloween.

Southeast Dairy Association - pumpkin pie smoothie

Watch scary movies with the lights off. 

Staying in to watch tv is a great way to low-key celebrate Halloween. First, pick your Halloween subgenre. Will you pick slashers, Halloween-themed episodes of The Office, or movies fit for the whole family? (Sometimes, the scariest movies are those made for children.) Next, prepare a Kefir Pumpkin Pie Smoothie that will fight off the craving for sugar and keep you away from the candy bowl. Then, flip the light switch and discover all the sounds your home makes. 

Share scary stories. 

Whether you want to meet up with friends or stay away with people, you can all get together for a night of telling scary stories around the fire. Light the candles and get on a video call or meet up for a creepy bonfire near the woods. Everyone gets a chance to illicit terrified shrieks while taking a break from daily life. You’ll be so focused on not looking scared that you’ll forget about that overflowing candy bowl. You won’t get any sleep tonight, but it won’t be from a sugar rush. Sure, you’ll now be afraid of the demon in your hallway instead of your upcoming presentation, but, honestly, that might be better. 

Go party. 

Place the candy outside and get in on the fun. Dressing up isn’t just for kids (and no one can judge you for wearing a mask anymore). Grab a few of your close friends ahead of time and create a group costume. Make it as elaborate or simple as you want, giving you a distraction from the bag of unopened candy, but go out for a night of (socially distant) fun, because everything is better in a costume. If there aren’t any local events for small groups, put a pizza in the oven, and play some “Monster Mash” between rounds of comparing trick-or-treaters’ ensembles to your own 

In case you’re not sure about getting dressed enough to be presentable for friends, if any kids make the unfortunate choice to egg or toilet-paper your home, you have your crew ready to jump out and scare them off. Does that change your introverted mind? 

This year, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Halloween without angering expectant trick or treaters.

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