How to Froth Milk at Home

Sitting in the living room with a mug of coffee has a different feeling from sitting at the window of your favorite café. There, you have the smell of roasted beans, the background music, and, oh yeah, that complex coffee order. At home, you sip your daily coffee while the news discusses something or other. So when you crave a drink with a frothy texture, that extra touch that comes from a coffee shop, it usually means it’s time to grab the car keys and a clean shirt.  

Next time that craving for a special order hits, stay in your pajama pants. It’s time to learn how to froth milk according to how often you use your kitchen. 

The coffee is almost ready. You’ve warmed your milk until it is just bubbling. Now it’s time to prepare it. What is in your kitchen? 

I’ve never entered my kitchen. I don’t think I have one. 

For those who don’t have any kitchen tools, place your warmed milk in a well-sealed container. You can use a mason jar or that milk jug you just poured from. Shake the container to form bubbles. 

Kitchen? I believe you mean the brew lab

If your kitchen is comprised of only coffee-related tools and you don’t make espresso, you probably own a handheld frothing wand somewhere in all those drawers. Miniature and battery-operated, its invention was made for this very job. For one to set and forget while you prepare your Chemex, try an automatic frother. If you don’t normally try latte art, reach for your French press! Pour the desired amount of milk in and repeatedly pump. Let rest so the bubbles can settle. 

I love my kitchen! I’m a baking star. 

Owning your dream kitchen gives you plenty of options for preparing your milk. You can hand whisk, hand mix, or switch on your trusted stand mixer. If you can contain any spillage, you might also choose an immersion blender or conventional blender. 

Now you can whip up those special orders from the comfort of your home! If you’re looking for a new order, try the Lavender Milk Steamer or a Chocolate Comfort Sipper, both featuring real milk. You don’t have any excuses for opening up the home café now. 

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