How to Grab the Holiday Deals

November is not just the time of year for feasts and obsessively decorating. It’s also the perfect opportunity for getting the best deals of the year. You use Thanksgiving to fill you with enough food to survive the crowds of the upcoming days, but you look for ways to stay on top of your game. Black Friday, Small-Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and the early sales for each of these days occupies your Thursday through Monday schedule. You’ll be busy, but you’re ready. 

You’re strategic for the weekend of deals. The secret to your success? Pre-planning and staying fueled.

When Black Friday arrives—whether on an actual Friday or hours after cutting the turkey—the lines begin hours before the doors open, but you fought your way to the front. You enjoy your high protein smoothie while there is still time. As you wait, you go through your plans. The must-have deals are highlighted with the desired quality written in bold beside it. You’ve scouted the store to plan your route. In exchange for you grabbing the hot Christmas gift for her granddaughter, your new friend Sharon texts you any changes she helped set up inside the night before. 

The doors open and the rest is a blur. Your training kicks in as your mind is overwhelmed with the madness of the crowds. Now, you sit in your car as you finish the last of your drink, enjoying the fruity taste and heading home to relax. The SUV you rented specifically for the day is full of your trophies from a battle you can’t remember. You hope you were nice, but you’ll make up for any transgressions this December. 

The next day is a simpler one as you browse your local businesses. There might be a struggle for an oversized sweater, but you manage to hold a cheerful conversation with the owner/cashier, so that surely more than makes up for any scuffles. Sunday afternoon is spent creating stacks for each person on your gift list (and a few piles for you) as you figure who you’ve forgotten. You sip on a tasty treat as you recover from your shopping workout.

Monday comes and the only chaos is crashing webpages. You calmly make your breakfast smoothie as you wake yourself up and corral everyone out the door. It’s back to your regular routine—almost. When it’s time for the deals, you ensure your boss is busy and pull up the website. Multiple devices are prepped for your purchases just in case and that credit card number autofill is a timesaver. There’s some disappointment when shipping via drone is not an option, but there’s always a chance for the entertainment next year. You confirm your order and switch back to your end of year projects.

You applaud yourself for your skills. After enjoying the best feast of the year, you stayed energized through the holiday and got through your to-do list. Now, some of the holiday stress is over. You’re ready to give family and friends the perfect gift while subtly showing off those finds for yourself. Planning for and fueling your body for a shopping workout guaranteed you grabbed the holiday deals. 

To find the perfect way to stay energized this holiday season, check out our recipe page.  

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