How To Make Homemade Cheese with Milk

How do you define a homemade meal? Is it simply a meal that you create at home and don’t buy fully prepared or a meal where all ingredients are made from scratch? However you think of a home-cooked meal, a simple recipe for a delicious result is ideal. And when looking for potential meals, you can always add an ingredient to a recipe to get whatever you define as a homemade meal… and it can be as simple as reaching for a gallon of milk. Here are three easy milk recipes to create delicious homemade cheeses using the whole milk already in your fridge. 

Southeast Dairy Association - strawberry parfait

To give your go-to snack a homemade touch, in this dairy-delicious milk recipe, mix jalapeños, cheese, and butter to create a queso perfect to satisfy a chips-and-dip craving. If you want to show off your queso making skills to friends, pair it with these Mini Beef and Cheese Empanadas for a shareable meal that is impossible to resist. 

Use this Homemade Quark recipe to make cheese that is the perfect size to use in your cooking. If the recipe doesn’t necessarily call for quark, the soft cheese can be used as a substitute for Greek yogurt or cream cheese. These Strawberry Cheesecake Parfaits can be a delicious snack to try quark in. 

If you are someone who never deviates from a recipe, try this Homemade Ricotta instead. All you need with your dairy to create this creamy cheese is salt, lemon juice, and a cheesecloth. Once completed, you have the exact amount of ricotta needed to pair with fresh peaches for this Ricotta Peach Tart. It’s fate! 

Regardless of how you define a home-cooked meal, we can help make your meals more homemade with these easy, make-at-home milk recipes for cheese. Use our dairy-filled recipes to create whatever your definition of a homecooked meal is. All you need to prepare is a trip to the dairy aisle. 

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