How to Prepare a Hot Chocolate Bar

hot chocolate bar

A new holiday trend for this season is the addition of a hot chocolate bar to the homes of many hot chocolate lovers. And while this trend is appearing in time for Christmas, really, this sounds like perfection for any day of the year. Some go all out and include every sweet treat you could think of to do-up a hot chocolate while others have stuck to a more simplistic set up.   

Making a Great Hot Chocolate Bar

All you need to create a hot chocolate bar is some sort of tray or basket to hold all your supplies (a spare cheese board gets you that perfect look for sharing online), hot chocolate mix, and a variety of toppings and add-ins! For an aesthetically pleasing look, buy matching containers for all the delicious toppings, garnering ohhs and ahhs from all.  

Some popular toppings include marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, crushed candy canes, crumbled cookies, chocolate, and caramel syrup, but additional syrups to drizzle and spices to sprinkle will make the family plan the perfect mug of hot chocolate.  

With that in mind, make sure to keep your fridge stocked with fresh milk so that when it comes time to craft this delectable hot drink, you have the staples of a perfect hot chocolate. Using milk instead of water ensures a creamy and rich hot chocolate worthy of your gorgeously designed hot chocolate bar. 

Lastly, you’ll need some whipped cream to use as a shelf for all your tasty toppings, with this hot chocolate whipped cream a fun option for those true chocolate lovers. Once you’ve poured your hot chocolate, add a generous amount of whip cream, preparing the canvas of your hot chocolate work of art. Add as much or as little from the hot chocolate bar as you like. Once you have created your masterpiece, add a candy cane as a garnish and enjoy some dairy good hot chocolate! 

To find some hot chocolate inspiration for your hot chocolate bar, check out our dairy-filled recipes or browse this Pinterest board.  

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