How to Use Up Your Naan Surplus

Mini Naan Mix & Match Pizzas


Your kitchen has never seen you as much as it has in the past 13 months. Churning out recipe after recipe, grabbing any family members within reach to receive their obviously expert opinion on the results, your skills have grown.  

And so you decided to become not just a breadwinner, but a bread maker, too. Shying from the trendiest bread of 2020, sourdough, these past months have seen you perfecting naan bread. You’ve experimented with the ratio of milk and yogurt, contemplating if whole milk and Greek yogurt will give you better results than Skyr—or perhaps kefir is the answer!  

All this focus on how it tastes has made you forget one little detail: how much naan bread you have. Look up from your recipe research and finally notice the bread your family no longer eats on its own. The great taste will go to waste if you don’t step into action. 

It’s time to give naan bread the attention it deserves. Dress up your surplus of naan bread with these recipes that will revive your family’s love for your baking. 

The easy option everyone will love is pizza. Simply add pizza sauce, cheese, and your choice of toppings, baking in the oven until the cheese has the right level of melted goodness. For ideas to get you started, there are plenty of flatbread pizza recipes to adapt for your abundance of naan bread. Substitute naan for pizza dough to make a dinner using mushroom and arugula for a relaxing night in. Use naan instead of pita bread in this Monterey Jack Pizza, but this Cheesy Pancetta Flatbread is another great option for flavor without any ingredients the younger eaters will flat out snub. If your family can never agree on what pizza toppings to order, use this mix and match recipe as a guide for everyone customizing their perfect pizza. Or why stop at one combination? There’s plenty of naan to go around. 

Of course, there’s plenty more to do with naan. Serve your stockpile with this tandoori chicken so you can pick up every creamy bite. Naan is also great to dip in soups or chili, and can you imagine using it to get the last bites of a cheesy pasta bake? Heavenly. 

Or you could use naan bread as, well, bread. What a concept! Use naan in place of your usual bread. And remember, you have naan on hand, not pita, but they are very similar. Any wraps you love can be made with your homemade naan bread. It’s a simple but yummy choice on a busy day with little time to eat. 

However you enjoy your naan, there are plenty of recipes that can be wonderfully incorporated with your bread. And once you take a bite, maybe that will inspire the secret ingredient for the perfect naan. It’s worth a shot. 

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