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My husband and I recently took a trip to New York City to celebrate our five-year anniversary. New York is known for some of the best food in the world. As a registered dietitian, I knew that to stay on track, I needed to do some meal and snack planning, so I wouldn’t be starving with cronuts and jumbo slices of pizza as my only options.

Before the plane ever took flight, I knew exactly what I wanted for my morning snack upon arrival—yogurt! June is National Dairy Month, so big surprise, huh? Yes, actually. Instead of my morning routine of grabbing a yogurt, peeling the lid off and digging in, this snack was a whole new experience.

After an early morning of sightseeing, we ventured to the Chobani SoHo™ cafe. As far as I’m concerned, this store should be on sightseeing maps. Not only does it have every flavor of Chobani yogurt you could want, it also has a menu of concoctions you can order—both sweet and savory. One gets to watch as “yogurt masters” create your dish.

We opted for ‘sweet’ with their ‘Pistachio + Chocolate,’ made with plain Greek yogurt, pistachios, dark chocolate flakes, sliced orange, fresh mint and clover honey. It did not disappoint.

The visit has me considering branching out from the same-old fruit and nuts I usually add to my yogurt. I’ve started thinking about adding feta cheese, Kalamata olives, olive oil and dill to plain Greek yogurt for a great Mediterranean snack. I may even add basil and strawberries to my trusty vanilla yogurt.

There are so many options to expand the flavor and enhance the health benefits of your nutritious yogurt. What are your favorite outside-of-the-box additions to traditional yogurt? Share with me on Twitter @TheDairyRD.

Lanier Dabruzzi, MS, RD, LD

Lanier Dabruzzi

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