Ice Cream: All Grown Up

ice cream variety on white plate

Ice cream is synonymous with childhood summer memories–the sound of the neighborhood ice cream truck, a cone of your favorite flavor dripping down your hands at the pool or even memories of making homemade ice cream. As adults, the only thing that has changed in our desire for ice cream is our palate.

We can still enjoy this cool, creamy treat packed with nutrition we need no mater what our age.

Try these twists on classic flavors to give your ice cream a grown up makeover:

Or some of these favorite adult applications of ice cream:

You can still enjoy all of the memories and health benefits of dairy by indulging on ice cream all grown up this summer. What is your favorite way to enjoy ice cream? Share with me at @TheDairyRD!

Lanier Dabruzzi, MS, RD, LD


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