Ice or No Ice?

How do you serve your milk—with or without ice? 

You read that correctly. If you go to a restaurant, you won’t be surprised if sweet tea, water or any other beverage meant to be cold is provided with ice. But if you were to be served milk with ice, what would you think? 

That question itself will split you into one of three groups: 

  • You may be reeling at the thought of ice in milk. Someone must have misunderstood how to make ice cream or ice milk, because drinking milk with ice… that’s unnatural, right? Milk is already cold enough without ice. It surely must water down the drink. You aren’t willing to risk watering down your whole milk to see what the interest in ice is. 
  • Others may simply nod and wonder what the big fuss is about adding ice cubes. It’s called ice-cold-milk for a reason. You grew up drinking milk with ice, as did your parents and grandparents. It’s how cold milk is meant to be enjoyed. And people know it, even if they won’t admit it. After all, there isn’t a big commotion about iced coffee.
  • Lastly is the neutral party. Perhaps you have fond memories of drinking icy milk at your grandparents’ house. Even though you normally don’t add ice, you won’t turn down the nostalgic drink. Or maybe the South’s strange habits have made you accepting of many different food practices. People eat a pack of peanuts in Coca-Cola for breakfast or consider cheesy dried corn— also known as grits — delicious, so who are you to criticize what should go in a glass of milk? It may sound weird, but you can’t have an opinion until you try it. 

So what group do you fall in with regarding an icy glass of milk? Would you serve your milk with ice? Let us know on social along with any other milk-drinking habits we can discuss. 

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