Individual Desserts for All

Following the ease of COVID-19 restrictions, more and more people are looking for mini, individual desserts to share with small groups of friends and family. And while a scoop of ice cream or a yummy cupcake are classic examples, these aren’t the only ways to share this dessert trend. Keep reading for ideas to create individual desserts for all. 

Southeast Dairy Association - strawberry parfait

Parfaits are an easily customizable dessert that can be assembled in no time. Grab enough glasses for everyone and layer yogurt with your choice of fruits. This dessert’s versatility means it can be used with whatever flavors your gathering calls for. Maybe you’ll layer your parfaits with yogurt, honey, applesauce, and diced apples. Or perhaps vanilla Greek yogurt will be complemented by chocolate cookie crumbles and strawberry jam. Even better, the kids can easily be put in charge of preparing these, taking one chore off of the day’s to-do list. 

Southeast Dairy Association - Mochaccino Panna Cotta

For bakers with jam jars aplenty, spoon your tasty creation into these mini jars, which are an easy design as well as convenient for guests. Mini Chocolate Cream Pies have a crust made of crushed pretzels, a chocolate filling, and topped with whipped cream and caramel, while a Mochaccino Panna Cotta is a light-twist on the Italian dessert that simply requires you to spoon the mix, chill, and serve with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. The Strawberries & Cream Mini Jar Pies require more effort to create the layers of graham crackers, a piped cream cheese mixture, chopped strawberries, and chocolate sauce, but with craving-satisfying results. 

Southeast Dairy Association - lemon tartlets

To hold with a crust, not a jar, try your hand at these tartlet options. Luscious Lemon Tartlets use premade mini phyllo pastry shells with cream cheese, sour cream, and yogurt as a quick dessert to whip up for guests, while the Blueberry Cheesecake Tartlets add an extra step of creating a blueberry filling. When there’s more time before dinner, make these Caramel Tarts with homemade shells and chilled caramel fillings, or these cheesecake bites with a chocolate cookie crumb bottom. 

Embrace the trend of individual desserts—there’s too many options for you not to! 

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