Invite Dairy to Your Cinco de Mayo Festivities

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While going out to eat is always a fun way to celebrate holidays or occasions, you can avoid the restaurant rush this year for Cinco de Mayo festivities and instead plan a delicious meal at home. Cooking at home is also a great way to save money! From appetizers to dessert, here’s some delicious menu inspiration to make your fiesta at home a memorable one.

Cinco de Mayo Festivities (Food, of course)

A Cinco de Mayo celebration wouldn’t be complete without guacamole! While avocados offer up heart-healthy fats and great flavor, they’re lacking in protein. To bump up the protein content and to create a super creamy guac, add in cottage cheese for a nutrient-dense dip. This Cheesy Guacamole is perfectly paired with tortilla chips or fresh veggies, and you can use low-lactose cottage cheese for those with a lactose intolerance.

Cheese is a must-have at any party (in my opinion!), but in keeping with the Cinco de Mayo holiday, try making your own queso dip at home. You can top homemade queso with some fresh cilantro, a spoon of salsa, or add in cooked ground beef or chorizo for a more filling, cheesy dip.

For a main dish that is full of flavor but not too heavy, serve these Fish Tacos with Mango Lime Crema. The Mango Lime Crema is made with fresh flavors, like cilantro and lime zest, and thick Greek yogurt which adds additional protein and is naturally low in lactose.

To finish off the meal with something sweet, a refreshing smoothie made with strawberry, lime, lactose-free milk, and orange juice is sure to please your tastebuds! This smoothie doesn’t just taste great, it’s full of nutrient-rich foods and the 13 essential nutrients that milk provides.

Enjoy all of these and more dairy recipes, for your Cinco de Mayo festivities this year!

Karman Meyer is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Culinary Nutritionist with fifteen years of experience in the nutrition and food industry. As the founder of the NourishWell Network, a workplace wellness company, and the blog, The Nutrition Adventure, Karman is passionate about sharing the facts about food and nutrition with others. She strives to help people feel more confident in the kitchen, and focus on the good in food rather than fearing it! Karman has been featured in publications such as US News & World Report Eat, Woman’s World Magazine, Shape Magazine, and and often appears on local television networks. Her first book, Eat To Sleep: What To Eat & When To Eat It for a Good Night’s Sleep, was released in May of 2019.  

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