The Delicious Debate: Dreamsicle or Creamsicle?

dreamsicle or creamsicle

Let’s get straight to the question on everyone’s mind. Why do some people call a popular popsicle option creamsicle, while others call it a dreamsicle? 

Creamsicles are creamy, orange-flavored popsicles that have found a special place in summertime cravings. But while some love creamsicles, others prefer another creamy, orange-flavored popsicle—dreamsicles. 

You must have heard incorrectly. It’s too similar of a name to be something entirely different. Or perhaps it’s a distinction in branding (partly). But no, each side insists that it’s the name of a flavor. Though these terms have been used interchangeably since the start of the creamsicle, it turns out there is a difference, and it’s not a typo. Both have a solid sherbet exterior, but a creamsicle technically has an ice cream center while a dreamsicle has an ice milk center. 

Southeast Dairy Association - maple pecan ice milk: dreamsicle or creamsicle?

Dreamsicle or Creamsicle?

To understand this difference, consider the texture of Almond Joy Ice Cream to Maple Pecan Pie Ice Milk and how the two are made. With less milk fat than ice cream, ice milk is not as creamy as ice cream. This comes from the dairy choices used for each. While ice milk only uses milk or condensed milk, ice cream uses a variety, like milk with whipping cream or evaporated milk. In other words, creamsicles are ice cream popsicles and dreamsicles are ice milk.

With this revelation comes a new question: is creamsicle flavored milk actually dreamsicle flavored or something else entirely? And for those who make creamsicles at home using yogurt: what lies have you been living, as you’re technically not making either popular popsicle flavor?

Regardless of semantics, creamsicle, dreamsicle, or otherwise, it’s delicious. Enjoy your favorite dairy treats with the knowledge of what makes them so good. 

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