Just in Queso Snacks


Your plans for the year are to see every show in the universe. Three months ago, you had to adjust this goal from every television show in the Americas and Western Europe as you binged show after show. You take breaks for a trip to the gym or a day in the office, but Netflix can’t keep up with you. You have things to watch as you enjoy your new-found love of food delivery and sweatpants. 

As you move to conquer your next continent of shows to stream, turn to a food that will be kinder to your wallet, one that is addicting yet simple and full of dairy delicious ingredients. That’s right, as you work your way through the titles, make sure you have all the ingredients you need for queso, just in case of a snacking emergency. 

It’s a beloved and simple appetizer that doesn’t require delivery fees or a pair of real pants. Make your own queso at home by melting milk, butter and cheese with a whole lot of delicious add-ins. Once your queso is the right consistency, there’s no reason to wait to enjoy it. Dip tortilla chips with a side of guacamole into that cheesy goodness while it’s hot for a delicious meal—er, snack. 

Once the chips are in short supply, pour your homemade queso onto tonight’s dinner. (The more cheese the better, and the more milk the meltier!) Add homemade queso to mini empanadas to delight your taste buds. Combining with salsa or chimichurri sauce is an experiment that will have everyone begging you to perfect and bottle your recipe. Or mix with another recipe perfect for sharing with friends that has its own twist on TexMex quesadillas, a great excuse for everyone to spend the evening around the couch. 

Of course, don’t forget that queso still means cheese, an ingredient that can be added to most meals. Add it to pizza for a truly cheesy bite or roasted vegetables that make a savory side. The possibilities are endless as long as you’re willing to dip it in. 

Until the family can convince you it’s time to put on real clothes and go out for a meal, you’re content to stick with dairy-filled recipes to munch on at home during your stream of the next season. It’s easy, it’s tasty and it’s a good excuse for a night in with those you love. 

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