Keep Holiday Cheer Going With These 3 Desserts

Even though it’s a new year, we aren’t ready to give up last year’s holiday festivities just yet! There’s something about the holidays that brings extra cheer into every task. It’s a feeling we are always sad to see go away for nearly a year.  

But with the remnants of the most wonderful time of the year still around, it’s not time to say goodbye yet. As you find the odd ingredient from your Christmas desserts, prepare to make these sweet treats you can enjoy and make the holidays last just a little longer.  

Who doesn’t love red velvet? Scan the refrigerator for lost blocks of cream cheese, sticks of butter, and a bottle of buttermilk. With that and a red velvet cake mix, you have an easy dessert that can be a showstopper at your next meal. And since you’ll be enjoying hot chocolate for months to come, use some of your supply to create a decadent whipped cream. 

Just weeks ago, perhaps you were dreaming of a Hawaiian Christmas Day. Dream of festive days on the beach with this Almond Joy Ice Cream. If you have sweetened condensed milk, milk, and whipping cream remaining from your famous fudge, you are ready for your mini vacation. These chocolate-covered almonds and shredded coconut are a tropical delight as you shed the layers of a day out in the cold. 

Southeast Dairy Association - Peppermint Milkshake

This sippable candy cane treat is a simple dessert for when the festive mood hits. Crush up the last of your peppermint candies to add to your ever-on-hand ice cream for a creamy milkshake that will have you dreaming of running through the Candy Cane Forest. 

You may be putting the holiday decorations away, but you don’t have to give up on your favorite Christmas foods once January hits. Along with finishing your homemade gingerbread cookies and milk or caramel popcorn from your family, these holiday desserts will clean out your Christmas baking leftovers and make the holiday spirit hang around for a little longer. 

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