Keep Your Cool for Back to School

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It’s sweltering outside and time is scarce, as families adjust to school and fall sports schedules.

Today’s post is all about cool moves in the kitchen for back to school. These recipes are tasty for dinner or a mid-day snack, make a little extra for effortless back to school lunches.

Southern Pimiento Cheese
They don’t call this the ‘caviar of the south’ for nothing, folks. Cut up fresh zucchini, cucumbers, celery, cherry tomatoes or whatever you have on hand, and dip to your hearts delight. Use the rest to make sandwiches for tomorrow’s mid-day break.

Peachy Gouda and Ham Skewers
Who says an appetizer can’t stand in for dinner? While peach and Gouda are taste bud pleasers, consider this recipe an ‘idea starter’ and put together the flavors that are in season and loved by your family. If you need to, shorten the skewers, to fit those shiny new lunchboxes.

Chilled Avocado Soup
Avocado toast  may be all the postger rage, but in August, even the heat from the toaster can be too much! Try this yummy soup instead, and feel free to add other toppings that inspire you. Cow-milk-feta cheese is delicious. Put the leftovers right into the kids Thermos in the fridge.

Kale and White Bean Panzanella
Kale is coming into season, but according to my teen-aged son, bacon is always in season. At our home, there’s always par-cooked bacon in the fridge. If that’s not the case at your house, keep the kitchen cool using pre-cooked bacon. Reserve some salad, without bread, and add the next day for lunches so the bread does not become too soggy.

Bacon Caprese Sandwich
We’ve been over the bacon issue. Pre-made sandwich rolls will keep your kitchen cool. Place a nice, thick layer of mozzarella next to the bread to prevent those juicy tomato slices from mushing your sandwich rolls.

From the RDs and Farm Foodies at Southeast Dairy, that’s our round-up for a cool back to school season. Let us know what recipes you try and how you liked them! And find more recipes on our healthy dairy recipes section.

Mickela Mitchell, MS, RDN, LDN

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