Learn Why You Should Eat Better, Eat Together

eat better eat together month

How is it easier to eat better? Without a doubt, the answer is eating together. Gathering around the table for family meals is a challenge when navigating busy schedules for every family member between the ages of 2 and 92. Looking at the calendar, you realize it is easier to let everyone grab a meal when it is best for them rather than searching for the right window in the day. Never mind the time it takes to prepare and cook a family meal! So it’s no surprise that time is the number one barrier to preparing healthier meals at home.  

Eat Together so Eating Healthy isn’t a Chore

Skipping family meals may seem like an easy solution, but when it comes to the overall health and happiness of your household, dining together should be a high priority. Rather than stressing about how to make meals work for your family, try these tips and more shared throughout Eat Better, Eat Together Month in October. There are multiple benefits to eating together as a family instead of indivually alone.

The month of October celebrates eating better by eating together more as a family. By sitting down with your family, there is time to not only connect about each other’s days but to also be aware of the foods you eat. This month, learn how to make eating together a priority with these blogs: 

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This October Make Time to Eat Together, Eat Better with Real Dairy 

Top 5 Ways to Eat Together on a Busy Schedule 

And don’t forget to serve real dairy such as creamy and delicious milk at mealtime to make the most of your family meals. Happy eating! 

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