Legen-dairy Fashion: Cow Print

Cow Appreciation Day is no longer the one chance a year to see cows be fashion forward. You can now skip the face paint and homemade udders—unless you enjoy it—after reading some of these cow facts. Fashionistas may not be strutting around town in a full cow costume, but they are paying homage to the loveable farm animal

How? It isn’t through a resurgence in all-leather ensembles or pun-filled shirts. The first of our cow facts: 2019 brought the rise of a new animal print fashion trend that continues to grow: the cow print. From shoes, jackets, and swimsuits to nail art, handbags, and jewelry, the brown and white markings are sported by royalty like Meghan Markle, artists like Ariana Grande, and fashion icons like the Jenner/Kardashian family. While the black and white spots are less popular with the trend than the brownish-red and white, those recognizable Holstein prints are appearing with every fashion accessory.  

What’s with the interest? Some more cow facts for you: where other prints typically stand out for their unusual look, the cow prints are well-known and tie to the consumer more than a dragon scales design. Instead of the exotic leopard or cold-blooded snakeskin, the cow print is a call back to familial roots for many. Much like popular rustic designs and themes, it’s a fun print that people can easily associate some importance with their life. Regardless of if consumers have ever seen a cow up close, Holsteins are America’s iconic cows. Every wearer will find a connection to the hardworking animal she’s displaying. Sure, these stylish items can’t survive dirt or grease, but, in a way, cow print means every girl gets to be a farm girl for a day. 

Now you have no excuse to not show your cow love every day. 2020 is here, and the cow print options have grown! On your next trip to the boutiques, think of these cow facts, be on the lookout for the latest cow print creations and share your cow pride with the world. If you need a stronger connection with the dairy girls than through a shirt, find local dairies you can visit and admire the print in person. The Holstein spots may be popular fashion, but don’t forget to admire other breeds’ deep colors. 

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