Listen to the Moo-sic

Even if you don’t list it among your passions, we all love music. Some of us are tuning to the all-country station, maybe today’s hits on occasion, in whatever vehicle we’re in while others have a more eclectic taste of Viking hard rock and Gregorian chant fusion. Regardless, we jam out and relax, feeling calmer and more prepared just by enjoying our favorite songs. Turns out, humans aren’t alone in their love of music. Some dairy cows produce more milk when they get to listen to their favorite tunes. 

One of the goals of every dairy farmer is to do whatever can be done to make their cows happy, so why not try listening to favorite albums together during the workday? Some dairy farmers have noticed that music impacts the mood of the cows, and, therefore, the milk production totals. While playing music for cows isn’t a typical practice by many dairy farmers, there are those farmers with a playlist for everyone to enjoy. Whether the herd is listening to Mozart or to Queen is up to the dairy farming DJ of the day. 

For such a unique practice to be sworn by, science had to look further into the impact of music on cows. Research concluded that many cows tend to produce more milk when certain types of music are played, mainly songs with a slower tempo or classical music. Some amateur scientists have tested the cow music theory themselves, bringing their musical talents to the farm to serenade the dairy cows as they graze. With such an interested audience, if you ever need a video to watch, look up these tests for a good laugh—or, put scientifically, a positive mood boost. 

Though slower tempos may help milk production, that doesn’t mean cows don’t enjoy all kinds of music. Like humans, perhaps cows have their own personal music tastes, too. Imagine a herd debating who the greatest moo-sician of all time is! 

Let us know on social what bands you think you and some local dairy cows both groove to. 

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