Love at First Sip

Southeast Dairy Association - Chocolate Milk

Any runner can tell you the story of how they first feel in love with chocolate milk as an athlete. For many, it started on a dreary morning filled with anticipation and excitement. Huddled together with thousands of anxious runners ready to cross the start line; unknowingly ice cold chocolate milk with all its essential nutrients and protein is bottled up patiently waiting at the finish line.

Enthusiasm mounts as tired and fatigued athletes take their final strides and complete the race. Once being adorned with the metal so earnestly deserved, runners stumble down the shoot and behold, they meet for the first time.  With sweaty palms they reach in a chilly bucket and handpick a low-fat chocolate milk to quench their thirst, not realizing this impromptu encounter would spark a lifelong relationship.

At first, athletes are perplexed to see a childhood favorite, chocolate milk, perfectly positioned for the taking at the end of an endurance race.  Not realizing that the rich chocolaty goodness is the ideal balance of nutrients to help them refuel and rebuild after a hard workout. Their love affair is sparked that day a runner experiences the refreshing electrolytes, protein, and carbohydrates with every sip.

From then on, they become partners in crime.  Runners hit the pavement, day in and day out, returning home depleted and running on empty. Now nestled in the refrigerator, chocolate milk waits, ready to rehydrate, replenish, and help rebuild the body for the next workout. Together, they will conquer hundreds of miles and obtain countless victories all because of that dreary race day.

Rebecca Turner, MS, RD, LD

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