Make Every Day Ugly Sweater Day


Make use of the cold weather and bring a smile to everyone’s face this year by one simple wardrobe change. This month, why not make every day ugly sweater day? 

Ugly sweaters weren’t always made purposefully; they were simply products from a mistake in knitting or a new design that didn’t turn out quite right. But that didn’t stop grandmas and wives from gifting these sweaters, guilting family members into wearing them because of all the time put into the spectacularly awful effort. 

Yet somehow, ugly sweaters became a fashion statement, mainly appearing on the father figure in media for comedic effect or on the ironic dressers within the real-life friend group. That’s right, hipsters helped ugly sweaters survive until it could find its way into the mainstream, finding handmade sweaters at thrift shops to wear. This piece grew in popularity, especially around Christmas. Companies began making the gaudiest sweaters they could, selling sweaters with built-in lights or covered in tinsel every winter. Suddenly, ugly sweaters were mass-produced as a tradition to brighten the season, with special ugly sweater parties becoming a holiday staple. 

Being a must-have of the season, we all have an ugly Christmas sweater (or 5) in the closet. Make use of it. This year, make December the most comfortable time of the year, wearing crazy, oversized sweaters and sipping on cocoa and whipped cream.  

If you don’t think the thrift shop or branded sweaters are outrageous enough for a month-long ugly sweater wardrobe, purchase a couple of plain sweaters to throw googly-eyes, scraps of fabric and jingle bells on with a hot glue gun. Make outrageous designs that will bring plenty of holiday cheer while you decorate the house and prepare for festivities. Showing off your ornament-clad sweater designs will brighten the mood of anyone who sees them. 

So turn up the music and get a glass of required eggnog for your designing plans. It’s time to bring some extra cheer this year with ugly Christmas sweaters for all. 

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