Make Family Fun With Recipes

make family fun with recipe time

As summer breaks wind down and children prepare to return to school, August celebrates Family Fun Month. Homework, parent-teacher conferences, and after-school activities will soon fill up what free time there is each evening. Save a timeslot for family time each day this August. 

There are many easy ways to enjoy time together as a family. When school nights are calm, cook a special meal together, because everyone needs to eat, or have a movie night or board game night with snacks at the ready. 

As your recipe repertoire grows from these memory-making nights, create a family recipe book of everyone’s favorite recipes so far. Add notes on why everyone enjoys the recipe or what activity it goes best with. You’ll create memories and have a way to look back fondly on this time together. 

Here are some tasty foods to add to your family recipe book. 

Make Family Fun with Recipe Time

Southeast Dairy Association - myers beef and noodle sour cream supreme

This easy Myers Texas Taters casserole recipe features shredded hash brown potatoes mixed with sour cream and topped with cheese. Simply combine and bake for a cheesy dinner, making it a great recipe for younger children to help cook. 

Southeast Dairy Association - mac and cheese casserole cups

Three-cheese macaroni is tempting to anyone between the ages of 2 to 92. These Mac and Cheese Casserole Cups are a great snack for family fun nights. 

Southeast Dairy Association - gorp sundae

Cardamom is a fun addition to this Gorp Sundae snack mix. Vanilla Greek yogurt is topped with a crunchy mix, warm spices, and sweet honey. The family will be begging for this take on the classic ice cream sundae after a night of playing outside. 

Southeast Dairy Association - chocolate banana frappe

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this protein-filled, energy-boosting chocolate treat. Chocolate milk and bananas make this Chocolate Banana Frappe creamy and flavorful, which is sure to make it a crowd-pleaser for any movie night. 

For more recipe ideas, explore these kid-friendly options

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