Make Hot Chocolate Bombs for Winter Nights In

If you have ever watched a video of a fizzling bath bomb as it released bright colors and sweet smells into warm water and thought, I want that for my food, then you must try this new way to enjoy hot chocolate. Adapting the easy and satisfactory idea of a bath bomb for use in the kitchen, hot chocolate bombs are the new viral way to enjoy a hot drink on your cold winter days. Simply add a sphere to a warm mug of milk and enjoy. 

Here’s how to prepare them for your next warming drink. 

Use a spherical mold for the casing of your melting bomb, covering it in a thin layer of tempered chocolate. Allow the chocolate to cool and repeat layering if needed before popping them out of the molds. Next, fill one half of the chocolate sphere with your hot chocolate mix and fun additions, like marshmallows, sprinkles, shaved peppermint and more. You can even include some spices like cardamom or cinnamon with your mix. Heat up the edge of the other half for a few seconds before removing from heat, using the slightly melted chocolate to connect the halves. Smooth the excess chocolate and move on to your next sphere. If you want, add a drizzle of white chocolate or plenty of sprinkles to the outside casing, convincing your family that you bought high-end hot chocolate. Once assembled, refrigerate your hot chocolate bombs. 

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Then, whenever you are ready to enjoy, warm milk to the desired temperature and add a hot chocolate bomb. Family and friends will enjoy watching the casing melt into a tasty treat, maybe even sharing your work online. It’s a quick recipe that will provide a fun twist to your days inside. 

And for those who love to gift handmade creations, these hot chocolate bombs are easy to customize, making it a thoughtful gift for Valentine’s Day or just because. Will you gift your beloved hot chocolate, a white chocolate and salted caramel latte or a birthday cake surprise? These simple creations will bring plenty of joy during these colder months. Tonight, swap out your mix for a hot chocolate bomb. 

Now, how can we make one that melts into dinner? 

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